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11-Mar-2020 01:01

In exchange for the stay of proceedings, those charged have agreed to pay fines and make donations totalling more than ,000.

As part of a statement read into the court record, the firefighters and white-collar city employees admitted they went “beyond the limit” in their protest at city hall, before a council meeting, on Aug. The group was composed mostly of firefighters upset with how their pension plan would be affected during union contract negotiations.

"Our members understood that their bargaining committee negotiated the best possible agreement on their behalf.

The strike may be over, but our commitment to advocating for good jobs and the animals we care for will never end." Jennifer Tracey, spokesperson for the Toronto Zoo, said its 5,000 animals were well looked after during the strike."The animals are doing exceptionally well.

Staff who were exempt from the strike will return to their regular duties on that day as well.

Christine Mc Kenzie, President of CUPE 1600, described the strike as a "month of struggle" and said in a statement she was "incredibly proud" of what its members achieved.

Unionized workers at Canada's largest zoo ratified a new four-year collective agreement on Sunday.

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Members of Local 1600 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees voted to ratify the agreement on Sunday.

Pased in 2012, Assembly Bill 1236 prohibits state counties, cities or special districts from requiring mandatory employer participation in the E-Verify program.… continue reading »

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