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21-Jun-2020 02:04

It’s almost a throwback to the ‘40s Hollywood screwball comedies. Bell: I talked to Tess Morris, the writer, about this a lot; she has better dating stories than I do. She wrote this movie because she had an experience that took place under the Waterloo clock (like in the film), where someone said to her, “Claire? Bell: I’ve got all kinds of things that I say to myself.” And she said, “Uh, no.” But she thought, “What if I’d said yes? But in writing and directing and acting, I definitely have one where I say, “Exercise restraint,” which is sort of funny because it’s contradictory to Nancy’s (mantra).Marriage for Life…or Not Is the “until death do us part” type of marriage a reality in this day and age?Actress, writer and director Lake Bell explores the topic in her new ensemble comedy I Do…Until I Don’t, opening September 1.Without a way to reach her, though, Jack has to get clever to track down the woman of his dreams. So, if anything, I became so acutely aware of my American accent that it became almost stronger. So everyone spoke RP, and I had to know how to do that in order to pass my courses.(She laughs.) I was the only American at my college too, so I was the token American, so I couldn’t lose my accent. We’d have different semesters where we dealt with different dialects.

We started two months ahead of time practicing every day while I was in Thailand shooting “No Escape.” The second I landed in London, I assumed the British accent and dialect for the rest of my time there.Onboard a commuter train, Nancy meets a young woman named Jessica, who informs her that the reason she is unattached is that she’s too cynical and she needs to read a self-help book called “Six Billion People and You.” Nancy awakens at Waterloo station to discover that her seat mate has left the book behind.

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