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This essay is not particularly about Clausewitz, but it does make some references to him that are interesting in the light of Beyechen's other relevant work. "Clausewitz and the Non-Linear Nature of War: Systems of Organized Complexity." In Hew Strachan and Andreas Herberg-Rothe, eds. Papers of the first Duke of Wellington, University of Southampton, Folder 8/1. Newly discovered archival materials reveal the extent of Marie's influence on her husband, beginning with the very early days of the courtship and lasting until his premature death. Napoleon’s campaigns were the most complex military undertakings in history to that point. Concepts of chance, contingency, and probability became permanent fixtures in the West’s understanding of how the world works. Kindle edition US Barnes & Noble Nook version Kindle edition UK This book is built around a new and complete translation of Clausewitz's study of the Waterloo campaign (Berlin: 1835), which is a strategic analysis of the entire campaign (not just the Battle of Waterloo), and the Duke of Wellington's detailed 1842 response to it. (264pp, ISBN originally 9189683412 -- newer ISBN 0415354625.) Includes the following chapters: CONTENTS 1. Colin Mc Innes [Department of International Politics, University of Wales, Aberystwyth], "A Different Kind of War?

Despite cutting much of Clausewitz's own discussion for space, it retains many of Maude's Victorian-era imperialist and Social Darwinist insertions, giving the impression that these are part of Clausewitz's own presentation. The introduction by Ralph Peters is most interesting. , Youri Cormier lifts the fog on this iconic work by explaining its philosophical underpinnings. Although they failed, these 19th-century thinkers, each operating from a different perspective, anticipated what we’ve come to call chaos and complexity theory. Tracing the historical and philosophical roots of modern war from the 17th Century through to the present day, this book reveals that far from paralyzing the project of re-problematisating war, the emergence of NCW affords us an opportunity to rethink war in new and philosophically challenging ways." H Hahlweg, Werner. Hakansson, Kersti [research assistant in military history, Swedish National Defence College]. Comparing US Tactics in Afghanistan and Vietnam." In Angstrom, Jan, and Duyvesteyn, Isabelle, eds., (Stockholm, Sweden: Department of War Studies, Swedish National Defence College [Krigsvetenskapliga Institutionen, Försvarshögsk], 2003. "Clausewitz: Some Thoughts on What the Germans Got Right." Nelson, Harold [Colonel, USA].

After Napoleon the state of war no longer appeared exceptional but normative, a prism that revealed the underlying operative logic determining the way society is ordered and unfolds. The Oxford bibliography on Carl von Clausewitz, developed by Christopher Bassford, offers information under the following headings: • Introduction • Anthologies • Bibliographies • Biography and Background • Original Writings • English Translations • Influence and Impact • Antagonistic Treatments • General Studies • Military Doctrine • Nonmilitary Treatments ." Dissertation for an MA in War Studies King's College London 2003. Jan Willem Honig) (Another copy is here.) Abegglen, Christoph M. "How universally applicable is Clausewitz's conception of Trinitarian warfare? Bob de Graaff [senior lecturer, Department of History of International Relations, University of Utrecht], "The Wars in Former Yugoslavia in the 1990s: Bringing the State Back In." 7.

" Paper written in connection with MA program in War Studies at Kings College London (early 2000s). John Mackinlay [former British Army; currently King"s College London, War Studies], "International Operations to Contain Violence in a Complex Emergency." 8. Rich [Centre of International Studies, University of Cambridge], "Theories of Globalisation and Sub-State Conflict." 9.

Nils Marius Rekkedal [Lieutenant Colonel, Norwegian army; professor of military theory, Swedish National Defence College], "Exploring the Common Ground of the Debates on the Revolution in Military Affairs and Non-State Warfare." (Deleted from later version listed below.) 11.

Marcel de Haas [Royal Netherlands Air Force; lecturer in International Relations and International Law, Royal Netherlands Military Academy], "The Second Chechen War: An Analysis of the Levels of Strategy." (Deleted from later version listed below.) 12.

Jan Angstrom [researcher, Swedish National Defence College; research student at Department of War Studies, King"s College London], "Concepts Galore!

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