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He is a person who tells jokes, which makes him a comedian. He delivers these one-liners — often involving word-play or the turning over of a concept until its logical conclusion becomes illogical — with an emotionally distant and contemplative, ever-so-slightly aloof style that makes his jokes land with the perfect mix of care and carelessness.As evidence of these two claims he has recorded stand-up specials named both “Demetri Martin. On Sunday night at The Vic — sporting a black T-shirt, jeans, gray New Balance sneakers and a black watch — the Yale graduate and law school dropout let a number of these one-liners loose as part of his current “Let’s Get Awkward” tour, sometimes strumming an electric guitar (a departure from the acoustic guitar and harmonica he has previously employed) and sometimes glancing quickly at a notebook he left open on a black stool in the middle of the stage for inspiration.In 2006 and again in 2009, Cho was selected as one of the sexiest men alive in People Magazine. Cho appeared in Nas' "Be a Nigger Too" music video along with various celebrities, and had a guest appearance on the sitcom How I Met Your Mother, in the episode "I'm Not That Guy" where he played a partner in an evil law firm.In 2007, Cho was added to the cast of Ugly Betty as a recurring character. Of the latter, Staci Krause of IGN, wrote that Cho was "the scene stealer in this episode" and that she would "definitely like to see more of him" in the series.

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He is best known as Harold Lee in the Harold & Kumar films; John (MILF Guy No.He is best known as Harold Lee in the Harold & Kumar films; John (MILF Guy No.2), who popularized the term "MILF" in the American Pie films; and Hikaru Sulu in the Star Trek reboot film series.), Eckhart (Eckhart), Hoze Hounds (Escouade Toutou), Eyeshield 21 (Eyeshield 21), Grossology (Glurp Attack), Hot Wheels ('03-'06) (Hot Wheels), Jane and the Dragon (Jane et le dragon), Jimmy Two-Shoes (Jimmy l'intrpide), Guess with Jess (Joue avec Jess), Justin Time (Justin Rve), Total Drama Island / Total Drama Action (L'le des dfis extrmes / Dfis extrmes: Action!Fresh off promoting his film, he is touring and working on a new special, celebrating the release of a recent book (last month’s “If it’s Not Funny It’s Art”) and preparing for another (next month’s “19½ Stories”).

But he seems to be in transition when it comes to his stand-up, attempting a few uncharacteristically lengthy stories throughout the night. And he’s maintained that carefully practiced distance between himself and the audience through it all, to his benefit.He had supporting roles in Evolution, a sci-fi comedy directed by Ivan Reitman, Down to Earth, starring Chris Rock, and Bowfinger, with Steve Martin.

The production flops, of course, because it's so romantically saccharine and Kelly finally realizes he's going nowhere.… continue reading »

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