Who is dating raven symone

15-Apr-2020 09:28

She states that singing makes her feel free and she notes that her singing career began four years ago when her friends were going to college and she decided to put all of her work into You Tube.

Raven Symone girlfriend notes that one of the things that she is mostly inspired of is her mother’s love for her.

She was a contestant in the show America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion.

Thus there were only rumors and there are no facts to base them so either she was dating Az Marie is just her business, because as she stated herself in her twitter page her sexual orientation is just her and the person who is with her business.

She didn’t mention Az Marie’s name on Oprah, but the show did flash photos of Raven and Az Marie together.

Raven revealed that she was attracted to both sexes since puberty, and doesn’t like putting a label on her attraction, or who she is.

Due to the fact that she has openly came out as lesbian rumors about her dating women started immediately.

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All of her fans gave her the support that she needs and she was happy about it.

In the year 1989, she made her first appearance on television on The Cosby Show as Olivia Kendall.