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18-Mar-2020 23:57

As Freddie walked into his apartment, his extremely worrisome and overprotective mom bombarded him with questions regarding where he was and why he didn't tell her."I was just at Carly's, mom," replied Freddie. Freddie's mom was already fast asleep, so he knew he had to answer the door.

"It's just across the hall.""Well it's very late and you need to go to bed now," said Mrs. Freddie again tried to relax his raging erection and when he thought it was safe he opened the door. And I wasn't even sleeping, I was on my laptop.""Whatever," said Carly.

So, Sam and Freddie kissed each other in private to get it over with and promised not to tell anybody.

After that, they had gone back to making fun of each other, but Freddie never forgot his first kiss, which left a permanent imprint on his lips (in a good way).

Freddie did not know why Carly had turned him down so many times.

Spencer had dropped out of law school to be an artist, and he was a bit eccentric, but Carly kept him under control most of the time.