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06-May-2020 00:01

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The validator will report fatal errors, non-fatal errors and warnings.If the XSD is publicly available using HTTP and referenced through a "schema Location" or "no Namespace Schema Location", then the validator will pick it up and it doesn't need to be specified/uploaded.This article shows five ways of how to configure different Java APIs (including DOM, SAX, dom4j and XOM) using JAXP 1.3 for checking and validating XML with DTD and Schema(s).To report errors, it is necessary to provide an Error Handler to the underlying implementation.

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) as defined below has been used in the code examples to validate the input document.

Where the DOM reads the whole document to operate on XML, SAX parsers read XML node by node, issuing parsing events while making a step through the input stream. On the other hand, DOM is easier to use and there are tasks, such as sorting elements, rearranging elements or looking up elements, that are faster with DOM.

SAX processes documents state-independently (the handling of an element does not depend on the elements that came before). A SAX parser comes with JDK, so there is no need to dowload a dependency.

In this case, validating your XML against schemas becomes a real nightmare.

Of course, you could set the XML schema location to a location on your hard drive. They would have to have the schema in exactly the same filesystem hierarchy, and that wouldn’t solve your problem about the production environment…​XML catalogs are the nominal solution for your quandary.

In this example, the SAX reader parses the sample XML file (books.xml), and writes validation results as output to a textbox control on the main form for the application.

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