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17-May-2020 21:08

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Select Single Node("/catalog/book[0]/title") Title Node. Text = "I am the new Title Here" 'Update attribute of a Node Set o Attribute = o XMLFile. Select Single Node("/catalog/book[0]/@id") o Attribute. Text = "1111111111111111111111111111" 'Add a new node under existing node ' select a parent node Set Parent Node = o XMLFile. Append Child (child Node) 'Add new Attribute to the Node Set Parent Node = o XMLFile.

Now I have defined which xml file to loadobj XMLDoc.load("config.xml")I have several xml files with names like 241.xml, 108etc. XMLDOM")obj XMLDoc.async = Falseobj XMLDoc.load("Unattendx86.xml")Set Elem List = obj Elements By Tag Name("Install Image")plot = Elem List.item(0). Item(....)code: 800A01A8That's why I was changing the Tagname to see if this was the problem.. Read Line Else ' If not, use Input Box( ) User Input = Input Box( my Prompt ) End If End Function Can you post the modified xml? If you have no idea what a well-formed xml document is, it is fair enough.

EXE, Std In is used,' otherwise the VBScript Input Box( ) function is used.' my Prompt is the the text used to prompt the user for input.' The function returns the input typed either on Std In or in Input Box( ).' Written by Rob van der Woude' Check if the script runs in CSCRIPT. ps: the username, domain and password are tested as such. If you can succeed in testing it, I will give you a method to deal with the password. XMLDOM")obj XMLDoc.async = Falseobj XMLDoc.load("Unattendedx86.xml")obj Set Elem List = obj Elements By Tag Name("Image Name") plot = Elem List.item(0). Echo plotstr Input = User Input( "Nieuwe image naam:" )WScript. Then I can test whether the xml file actually works with the changes made (xmlns:wcm="uri:wcm-unidentified)Edit the first line FIRST.

If you use your real data, there can have a small chance to make it ill-formed again. Echo "Nieuwe imagenaam in XML: " & str Input Elem List.item(0).text=str Input'Tweede variable Set Elem List = obj Elements By Tag Name("Filename")plot2 = Elem List.item(0).

If you specify one or more new student IDs for the Student IDList attribute, the updategram also inserts a record in the Enrollment table for the each new student.

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The updategram ensures that no duplicates are added to the Enrollment table.I would recommend that you should this post before you continue –Read Data from XML File Now there are various way you can update XML file – Add a new node under existing node ‘ select a parent node Set Parent Node = o XMLFile. Append Child (child Node) Add new Attribute to the Node ‘Add new Attribute to the Node Set Parent Node = o XMLFile. XMLDOM") XMLFile Name = "C:\Users\Sumit Jain\Google Drive\Excel Blog pics\XML" o XMLFile. Select Nodes("/catalog/book/title/text()") Set Price Nodes = o XMLFile.

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