Updating keys

27-Jun-2020 08:01

This concept is described in detail in the GPG Mini Howto. have enough signatures that their authenticity is relatively easy to check.After renewing an i Ve license, remember that an update must be applied to the hardware license key.This is a one-time update required due to changes in our licensing structure. Remember to download version 2.0 from our support page AFTER updating the hardware license key.Let us know if you need further assistance, either with installation or applying the update to the i Ve hardware license key.

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Note: Also, for any user upgrading from i Ve version 1.13.4 or older to a version (1.14 or newer), the existing license key must be updated, even if your license period is not set to expire soon.

If your system does not already have sufficient entropy, this step may take hours; if you actively generate entropy, it will complete much more quickly.

The randomness created is used to set up a keyring ( on computer that does not generate much entropy (e.g.

You can create a new key by clicking the button next to the Subscription Key field. Depending on your version of Joomla, a Preferences of Options dialog or page will open.

Click on the Updates Options tab, then paste the Subscription Key into the Update Key field.

If the Subscription Details section is not visible, click on the Details button. Copy the Subscription Key by selecting the key with your mouse and copy it to the clipboard using CTRL C. site, open the JCE Control Panel by selecting Control Panel from the JCE Editor menu.