Undertaker dating michelle mccool

15-Feb-2020 05:41

She was always the sporty type; playing baseball, volleyball and basketball.

Michelle has been involved in kickboxing, gymnastics – and even taught seventh grade science for four years in her home state of Florida. In 2004, Michelle Mc Cool participated in the WWE RAW Diva Search.

So yeah, Michelle Mc Cool is one of the most successful Divas in the history of the WWE. Taker, as being in the public eye can result in embarrassing or scandalous photos released to the masses.

These are 15 Photos of Michelle Mc Cool The Undertaker Doesn’t Want You To See.

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Since then, she’s been WWE Divas Champion, WWE Women’s Champion and the first and only WWE Unified Divas Champion. Having a wife such as Michelle must be tough for Mr.

It was ridiculous as it sounds, with Snooki delivering the final blow with a backflip and pin on Mc Cool, as seen above.