Ubuntu updating bios

24-Apr-2020 10:34

ubuntu updating bios-88

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When you receive the RTF Drone from the factory, it is already calibrated.But after you flash the flight controller, the calibration settings are not valid anymore. You'll need a computer or tablet running QGround Control (QGC) and connected to the Intel Aero access point (called "Aero-*", password "1234567890").Select “Ok” to start the sensor calibration process Select Compass menu and press “Ok” to start the calibration process Position then rotate the drone as indicated in each of the 6 figures Select Gyroscope menu and it will start automatically. Position the drone in each of the positions until each of the 6 are marked as green and “Completed" Select the Level Horizon menu and select “Ok”.The calibration will start and stop automatically Navigate to Flight Modes and set the following 3 modes: When this procedure is finished, you should be able to get data in QGC from the drone (ex: GPS coordinates) but also act on the drone (ex: ARM motors, without propellers first).In certain cases, the FPGA will need to be flashed too.If you have the Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone, you also have the Intel Aero Flight Controller in it.

The firmwares are located on Note: the script will try all the possible serial port speeds.

Intel is shipping the drone with PX4 already flashed, but you can choose between PX4 and Ardupilot as both are included in the default filesystem iso image. To summarize: Alternate method: There are other tools available for specific operating systems, if it's preferred.

Windows users can use Win32 Disk Imager and Linux/Mac OS users can use the following command in the terminal: The commands above will verify you have a valid USB drive connected, do some sanity checks and reboot into the update image.

After your first flight, you may want to install Ubuntu if you prefer Ubuntu to Yocto.

Linux vs Windows has been a subject of debate since the inception of computers.

You can also flash a new version of the firmware directly from the PX4 repository. Note: In parallel of the Intel provided PX4 version, you can install the Ardupilot version: Note: the script will try all the possible serial port speeds.