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The lessons and exercises develop the coordination necessary to build speed and accuracy without frustration or even having to look at the keyboard thanks to the excellent visual cues. I use to help me reduce the number of times I use the back space button and have been able to increase my WPM from 65 to 80. After searching the web and trying out several typing sites, I found to be the most well rounded user-friendly site there is.Whisper After typing your message, selecting "whipser" option will send your message as a whisper.A whisper is only visible to you and the person it was sent to.After entering the chat you will be presented with a list of chat rooms to select from, similar to what is displayed in the above image.Name of all the public & your private chat rooms will be displayed, alongside the number of people in each room.Ignore Ignore option allows you to not see any messages sent by the person you have ignored.Other Rest of the menu show some basic information about that member.

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has taken me from a never ever typist to a workable level.Please see our disclosure policy for further information.