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21-Mar-2020 12:25

Other examples include commemorating anniversaries or memories with your ex, shutting chat windows when your partner enters the room, spending too much time on your phone on a date, or sending too many heart emojis when you text someone. It’s one thing to argue that emotional infidelity exists in the first place.Needless to say, micro-cheating seems to be an epidemic, causing untold trauma to unsuspecting innocents as their lothario partners… It’s another entirely to pathologize normal behavior in a way that needlessly stokes the fires of insecurity and anxiety.

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That was when, as so often happens, my friends decided that evidently I don’t have enough rage in my life.

It’s harder to conceal an infidelity when you have to be physically present to arrange it.

Laurence is mending his heart following the breakdown of his marriage to Billie Piper in May 2016 when the couple were granted a divorce after eight years.… continue reading »

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