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06-Feb-2021 01:33

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A person who cannot decide to only date and sleep with you, or who struggles with the concept of deciding to progress from dating into a relationship and seeing how things go so that you can get to know each other on a deeper level, isn’t going to be capable of other commitment.

If a person cannot cut it on the basic comprehension in the early days of the relationship and/or they circumvent being and doing the stuff that will foster deeper intimacy and communication in the relationship, halt.

I can’t decide to emotionally check out or start shopping around.

– and some people show up willing to give it their best shot each day. No day is perfect but each day they show up and they try.

This is a good time to mention that commitment is not only a decision and showing up, but also the expressions of that commitment through action.

The fact that someone is in a relationship or married doesn’t mean that they are committed.

In choosing to show up, you are creating something between you and a partner – you’re building a relationship. Sometimes we’re too caught up in putting a roof on something that doesn’t even have a foundation and a structure to rest it upon. PS I recently guested on my local community radio station and the recording is available just in time for some weekend listening.

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Healthy relationships give back, as in, you put in and you’re both rewarded.

This past Monday marked our two-year wedding anniversary – incidentally, after two years of being blanked, my father called and apologised but we’ll save that one for another day.