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The hold that the devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe on the Mexican people is universally recognized.It permeates their lives; her picture is to be found throughout the republic.In Orange County, Mexican Catholics honored the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, by dedicating churches in her name.These churches are in the historic barrios of La Habra, Santa Ana, the community of Delhi, and Stanton.In the annals of Catholic Marian devotion Guadalupe has few, if any, equals (p.1)In 1945, Pope Pius XII proclaimed Our Lady of Guadalupe Queen of Mexico and Empress of the Americas (Poole, p. Then in 2002 Pope John Paul II canonized the person to whom the Virgin Mary appeared, Juan Diego (1474-1548) (p. An average of 15,000 persons visit Guadalupe daily, second only to the Vatican.As for the tilma, it measures four feet wide by some seven feet long.Tomantzin is the Nahuatl term that means Nuestra madre/Our mother.

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And they came to them [the sacrifices] from more than twenty leagues [70 miles] from all places of Mexico bringing many offerings.

No visitor to the shrine at Tepeyac can fail to be impressed by the depth of faith that it arouses.