Top ten dating shows

06-Dec-2020 16:42

It might seem shallow when you first start off, but it actually has a startling amount of depth and mystique. I mean you can actually relate with all the other characters and start worrying about them. show was way different to what I thought it would be. And it always leaves you on a cliffhanger which makes you want to watch more and more. Oh and my favorite episode is season 3 episode 19 - damon&elena. It is always full of Humor, Drama, Mystery, Thrill, Horror, and ALWAYS leaves you with a cliffhanger, I think this T. show is the BEST one around because its magical ) I usually never watch American shows but TVD changed my life, I love it.

The main story line being a mystery and not just sex and getting pregnant makes it all the more fun to watch. But after a few episodes I got in to it and it is a really amazing show, though the books were just a little better (:. Now we all have to wait until october 11th to watch the fourth season and every time I think about how long I have to wait I think about Damon and I cry. At first you'll like Stefan but you'll see that near the end of season 1 you love Damon. There's this thing about TVD that other show don't ever have: TVD developed romantic relationships that I thought was impossible at the start of the show, but TVD has this magical thing that makes anything work, whether its shifting personalities of characters up a bit or making situations so that if these characters end up dating each other, it'll be so romantic even if you thought itd be weird at the start at the show. I thought it was just going to be some twilight knockoff when I first heard of it, but I'm so happy I gave it a chance because it is so much more. Full of drama and romance, tons of emotions well up inside while watching this show. Every time I watch it I crack up and everybody just looks at me like I'm insane. My favorite part is always when Freddie and Sam are fighting. You stop hating you are so annoying whoever you are you are just a hater without a life. - Daisyand Rosalina I think because it is really funny to see spencer do a lot of funny things This is not funny, they think it's funny, but this is just a stupid show just like any other new show on Nick.

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Pretty Little Liars Way better show than any of the other ones on here.

It's a really good show and it used to be one of my top favourites when I was a teenager. Plus I go through shows so fast, so 8 seasons was perfect! But now that I'm a little older I realize how corny it is.

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