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America, Britain, Canada, China, France, Greece, Japan, Poland, Spain Turkey -an -ish -ese other endings 4 someone, everyone, anyone, no one etc. 3 Nationalities Make nationalities from the countries below and put them in the correct column of the table. 2We woke up in the middle of the night and heard ___ walking around in the living room. What he neglected to point out is that the deal gives international inspectors highly intrusive powers to verify whether Iran is taking any steps to pursue those plans.In Senate hearings last week, Secretary of Defense James Mattis testified that after reading the full text of the deal three times, he was struck by how solid its inspection provisions are.

He has signed the certification twice before but has threatened to pull out this next time. Ironically, many Israeli security and intelligence officers have publicly said that the deal is better for Israel than the abandonment of the deal.

4My phone rang but, when I answered, there was ___ there. 6They didn't have vegetarian food so I didn't have ___ to eat.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued the lamest critique of the Iran nuclear deal that one might imagine.

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—or that they wouldn’t notice that the quotations from some of those files were dated 2003?

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