Suisse nude

28-Oct-2020 11:21

In France, it's as such forbidden (it has to be an enclosed area with authorisation, it exists in the south).

Along the Lman in Vaud, there is little space for it, but a local might know secret places.

In this case, let's say the visitors want one of the spa's popular massages.

A spa attendant leads the visitors, pretty peach-colored towels in hand, downstairs to an unmarked door and instructs them to remove their shoes.

Nudity is taken for granted at Switzerland's famous Engadine Bad Scuol, a destination wellness, and therapy center in the resort town of Scuol known for its Roman-Irish baths.

People have been making pilgrimages to this Swiss spa town since the mid-1300s, and today five of the town’s fountains continue to dispense the area's precious mineral water.

It ends in the dimmed light of the relaxation room where guests, wrapped snugly in a warm blanket, can bask in the beauty of the mountains of the Lower Engadine.

The outdoor pool has the added advantage of superb views of the Lower Engadine Dolomites and Piz Pisoc, a mountain in the Sesvenna Range of the Alps and the highest mountain in the Swiss National Park.

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I once visited a nudist beach, and ended up being arrested, as someone complained because they misinterpreted my over application of sun cream to sensitive parts of my body that don't normally see the sun.

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