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He and partner Oľga Beständigová won the competition, fell in love and hatched the unlikely dream of competing at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

"We won the show, and during the show, we both had the crazy idea to compete at the Olympics," Mansiz told us.

Turkish soccer player İlhan Mansız scored the most important goal of his career at the World Cup back in 2002, when he won the world bronze medal with the Turkish team.

After injuries put an end to his soccer career in 2006, what was the next logical step? Although he had never skated before, Mansiz competed on the "Buzda Dans," the Turkish version of the TV show in 2008.

We got enough points in Bratislava (at Ondrej Nepela) in the short program to qualify for the Europeans, and that shows we were never joking.

Ilhan is very talented, and I always believed in him." Beständigová, who had skated pairs with her brother, Jozef, represented Slovakia at the 2002 Olympics and last competed in 2005. We had a lot of support from the people, coaches, skaters, everybody.

It's my goal with every one of these pieces to take the audience on an emotional journey." Skating in School As well as coaching, Palascak is directing a SCOB program called Skating in the Schools.

"We're trying to build connections to the community in Boston," he said. We take them down to the Frog Pond, which SCOB manages, and I teach them how to skate.

"I stayed for a couple of days to help her and Grant [Marshall] (her partner) out a little bit with some tricks. Kerr is partners with Carly Donowick in the ITNY show. "It's kind of a different dynamic when you skate with someone who's not your sister, so you can be a little bit more intimate and you don't have to be embarrassed about it. "She's Pakistani and she has a lot of extended family, so we're going to do a bigger thing in Miami in August … The one in Scotland should be very nice and intimate." Kim Navarro said she and fellow cast members Brent Bommentre and Joel Dear have recovered from their summer appearances on . Ryan Bradley and his girlfriend, Erin Reed, were singles skaters, and Jonathon Hunt used to compete in pairs with Laura Handy and Jennifer Don. "I have two pairs teams that I work with right now," Hunt said. I tend to be the second coach because I've been doing quite a lot of shows." Hunt last competed in 2005. "I couldn't really skate because I had to have a double hip replacement.

"We are planning to compete at the Golden Spin of Zagreb.