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30-Jul-2020 17:12

Anyways, once you've populated your data source (or retrieved it from cache) you set the Grid View.

Data Source property to the object you are the Grid View.

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That is why I recommended that you do this in your Page Pre Render event.

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I am just new ,so i m eager to know what is the problem actually . I just need your help Thats it This is a lot easier to understand!

When this event fired it saves the values at their view state & this view state is sent to the client. NET controls used to access the data in your C#/VB. If you do a Data Bind in the Page Load event then all of this data is lost!

Edit: if you do a Data Bind in the Page Load event every page request all of your data will be lost It's the most common problem that people have with Grid Views that I've noticed.If you do a Data Bind in your Page Load event every page request (without checking if is Postback is False) then you will be overwritting anything that the user provided.

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