Regular expression for validating numbers only

09-Jun-2020 17:36

To my knowledge, this matches all the variations on numbers that Java and Java Script will ever throw at you, including "-Infinity", "1e-24" and "Na N".It also matches numbers you might type, such as "-.5".With the above, I am getting the error "UPRN must be numeric" whether its a string or int What's going on here?but these are accepting the characters : ^,$,(,), etc I thought that both the regexes above would do the trick and I'm not sure why its accepting those characters.Above regex will recognize both as correct numbers. (period) itself without any digits is not a correct number.That's why we need two regex parts there (separated with a "|"). I think that this one is the simplest one and it accepts European and USA way of writing numbers e.g.It bypasses all the JS folklore, like tipeof(Na N) = number, parseint('1 Kg') = 1, booleans coerced into numbers, and the like.

, I want to throw a validation error if there is anything other than numbers entered into the Uprn box on page submit.Thus "match Only Number Re" matches only strings that are numbers, and has a capturing group for the entire string. Here are the Jasmine tests, so you can see what it does and doesn't handle: the expression will match arbitrary length strings of digits and 123 will return true. Be aware that technically an empty string is a 0-length string of digits, and so it will return true using ^[0-9]*$ If you want to only accept strings containing 1 or more digits, use instead of * As the many others have pointed out, there are more than a few ways to achieve this, but I felt like it was appropriate to point out that the code in the original question only requires a single additional character to work as intended. '[0-9]' // 1-30 decimal digits of integer or fraction. Hey, I'm looking for the formula for a validator that will accept numbers only. I read this post: But, this examples stills allows spaces. use this ^[0-9] $ You can also use compare validator for this with the following properties: Operator="Greater Than Equal" Type="Integer" Value To Compare="0" // or whatever value you want Or You can use this expression: Validation Expression="^[0-9]*$" hi taffylewis, check this post here i explained clearly how to restrcit user to enter only numbers in textbox using javascript.

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But if you only want to match whole numbers like 2, 3, 333, 545 etc.Lookbehind has limitations, like the phrase cannot include quantifiers. You can use alternation, but only if all alternatives have the same length.