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In the following weeks, Vinod Khanna left for Oregon.If the stories are to be believed, he transformed into an able gardener at the Rajneeshpuram ashram.Producers were concerned about his obsession with Rajneesh but Vinod Khanna was blissfully indifferent to his surroundings.As months went by, his disinterest in work became more apparent. There was some problem at Rajneesh’s Poona resort, because of which Osho shifted overnight to Oregon and wanted his favourite disciple Vinod Khanna to follow him.When I met Vinod Khanna for the first time in 1978, he was already into Osho Rajneesh.

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After his long exile, Vinod Khanna was first spotted on a popular magazine cover with a white beard.Everyone was surprised at how composed Vinod Khanna was. He said he had made up his mind to quit films and shift base and that he wanted to follow his heart.