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29-Nov-2020 17:22

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First, we are already implementing the concept of regionalization in jails, radio communications, purchasing, records, computers, laboratories, and task forces.

The Los Angeles and San Diego Sheriff's Offices are contracting with smaller communities in their counties to provide police services.

Las Vegas and Jacksonville have successfully merged police and the office of sheriff into a metropolitan police force.

Countywide police forces have been successfully established in many fast growing suburban counties.

They believe, rightly or wrongly, that by knowing these individuals they might be able to influence them to their advantage in minor cases.

Outside the areas of urban sprawl in America, many people like as little government intrusion in their lives as possible.

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By not being willing, or able, to share the technology with other departments renders the technology too expensive for smaller departments.Granted they may have to ask a larger agency for help on some cases, but overall, the work they do is quite acceptable in the judgement of the public they serve. Given the above arguments, one could reasonably ask, "Why talk about regionalization--or consolidation--since the system we presently have seems to be working fairly well?" Well, there are seven reasons why we should at least be discussing this idea.We are a far richer society than ever before and the nature of our work has changed from blue to white collar.

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Our crime rates, although recently lower, are still embarrassingly high and will most likely rise again in the near future.While these arguments are self-serving, and perhaps not in the interest of a more professional police service, they are a legitimate expression of the fear of change and the need to preserve the status quo.