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Creon clutched her tightly as he tried to save her and, by coming in contact with the robes and coronet, got poisoned and died as well. The bride had died in horrible agony; for no sooner had she put on Medea's gifts than a devouring poison consumed her limbs as with fire, and in his endeavor to save his daughter the old father died too.

While Medea is pleased with her current success she decides to take it one step forward.

She calls for Jason once more and, in an elaborate ruse, apologizes to him for overreacting to his decision to marry Glauce.

When Jason appears fully convinced that she regrets her actions, Medea begins to cry in mourning of her exile.

They shall take to the princess a costly robe and a golden crown, and pray for her protection.

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Soon the poisons overtook Glauce and she fell to the floor, dying horribly and painfully.She convinces Jason to allow her to give the robes to Glauce in hopes that Glauce might get Creon to lift the exile.