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20-Nov-2020 08:25

Open the contact info of someone you want to block and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Tapping this button will prevent the person from being able to call you, send you text messages, or Face Time you.You can also block people by finding their number in your lists of recent calls or text messages, and accessing their contact card from there.Just go back to your phone settings where you’ll see the numbers you’ve blocked, slide the one you’ve forgiven to the left, and unblock them.Just don’t expect to suddenly receive any of the messages they sent while they were on your blocked list. The New i Phone X packs more new stuff into any device since the original i Phone.

"In the meantime, Whats App is working on an own workaround." It claimed a fix for the issue would be uploaded within days once Whats App had carried out tests to ensure the bug is rectified.

That way, you'll only be notified of your personal texts, and you can sort through the automated or unsolicited ones later. If someone you've blocked tries to Face Time you, they'll see what looks like a normal request to chat over Face Time on their end, but it will never connect and it will ring for a couple minutes before notifying them that the person they are trying to reach (you) is unavailable. One loophole is that there's currently no way to block someone from i Messaging your Mac.