Listview itemupdating event not firing

17-Feb-2021 02:27

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If you use a Button instead of a Link Button it will work as documented. An image button got as far as the item command but never got to the Object Data Source updating event.

However a link button siting right beside the image button with a command of "Update" just like the image button, did infact proceed to the ODS updating. Form view doesn't seem to support image buttons that fire commands, unless there is some magical setting I am missing.

I am not sure if invisible bind fields will lead to "ODS's do not match ODS Update Method's parameter"?

But I have written a formview whose bind fields are optionally set to invisible too, but that formview works anyway.

Work around I am going to do: Programmatically fill in datasource's parameters and promatically invoke datasource's updating event. But I am so reluctant because with so many aspx I have written, I know ASP.

NET is smart enough to do it for me automatically !! Supplement information: Upon clicking Edit Item Template's update link button: Item Command event is triggered, then return and goes no further. This is my foresaid work around solution: programmatically fill in datasource's parameters, when apparently ASP. However, I am still appreciate if anyone can explain this problem.

When a particular row is edited, I would like to show a status msg showing that the row has been updated.

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None of these solutions worked, and I'm a little reluctant to use a workaround for something like data validation. if really cant work, u can try this : protected void btn Update_click(object sender, object sender, Event Args e) on the objectdatasource event set onupdated="objectdatasource1_updated" protected void objectdatasource1_updated(object sender, Object Data Source Status Event Args e) hope this help, Label control's text doesn't appear to be set (in the page which has a user control )when trying to update the text property in the Form View's Item Updated event Hi There, I have a user control which hosts a formview control, gridview control and a label control.Perhaps your tboxes are in a table/panel/other container ?controls for the Update and Delete commands in a Form View (bound to an Object Data Source), and none of the Form View events would fire. I have to add some business logic on the Item Updating event of this Form View.

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There is a page with a Form View bound to a Object Data Source.

EDIT: got some interesting answers (thanks to everyone) but not what i was looking for, maybe i should be more specific: given some condition, is it possible to skip all events after Page_Load and just jump to the rendering, without manually removing/mapping each event?

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