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To avoid potential problems, do not run NTP on Id M servers installed on virtual machines.

For more information on the reliability of an NTP server on a virtual machine, see this Knowledgebase solution.

For example, they belong to the Kerberos domains configured on the servers, receive certificates and tickets issued by the servers, and use other centralized services for authentication and authorization.

An Id M client does not require dedicated client software to interact as a part of the domain.

The Id M server is configured as the NTP server for the Id M domain during the server installation process.

Running an NTP server on an Id M server installed on a virtual machine can lead to inaccurate time synchronization in some environments.

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If the times between the server and client skew outside the allowed range, the Kerberos tickets are invalidated.

Id M significantly reduces the administrative overhead of managing different services individually and using different tools on different machines. Users log in to the system and are prompted for a password every single time they access a service or application.

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