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Sorry, but the other thing is that it showed in the traditional burn, the wood is pilled up to the point you can barely see the victim so the suspended method was favored when the witch was a prominent person who deserved the more visible treatment.I know you, and many others, are fans of the classic "Clockwork Orange" but have you seen Scat Work Orange starring Simon Thaur from Innovative Productions that takes the movie to new, very dirty extremes?The three cousins are unconscious on rolling tables as he pulls their arms out from under the sheets that are covering them and attaches their wrists to overhead hoists.With all three hooked up, he pushes the button as they are lifted off the table to hang by their wrists nude. Still very nice visuals as they have their ankles secured together with leather straps and all three are tape gagged.apparently 100,000 witches were burned in Europe over 300 years... You'll be happy to know it takes 17 minutes to fully engulf the witch in the traditional method.

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Certainly, it has been discussed here before and many people would agree with you that it is a classic.

That's why I've gone back to the written word that leaves nothing... Reading what I've written on one screen while watching ZFX on another is my version of multi-tasking heaven. Anyway, I have noticed the guys on the show have a real fondness for A Clockwork Orange.