Hayley norman dating

10-Dec-2020 16:18

Aside from features films, she has also landed roles on several television shows including the Starz cable network series Crash in which she acted opposite Dennis Hopper, the soap opera The Young and The Restless, the critically acclaimed Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Bones, and The New Girl, amongst numerous others.

On Deal or No Deal, Hayley statistically had the Million dollar case more than any other model on the show.

The gorgeous diva has a huge fan following, and they are curious to know everything about her life; especially her romantic life. Hayley Atwell fans, mostly those who know her as Peggy Carter, are super excited to find out more about her romantic life.

So, what is the relationship status of the actress? But, to the dismay of her fans, she keeps her love life only to herself.

She also speaks frequently about the films of John Cassavetes and her admiration for both him and Gena Rowlands.

The film, released on December 12, 2014, became a hot commodity at the Toronto International Film Festival, prompting Paramount Studios to purchase it, including it in the DGA's annual The Contenders event and preparing Top Five for an awards run.

On her mother's side, Hayley is the great-granddaughter of production manager/assistant director Gene Anderson, and the great-niece of actor Robert J.

Anderson, who played young George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life (1946), and of assistant director Gene Anderson Jr..

Hayley also has a role in Relativity Media's Beyond The Lights which is slated to hit theaters this November.

Hayley is a huge fan of the blaxploitation genre and is a self proclaimed fan girl of Pam Grier.

In fact, they featured her so heavily on the show that one episode revolved around her signature hair. Other episodes include once in which Hayley makes a special appearance as the infamous Banker, and another where the contestant requests that Hayley be the only model on stage and has her open all twenty-six cases.