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Dutch estate agents are called When you buy an apartment, although you own the flat itself outright, you only own a share or a leasehold in the building and/or the land it stands on.

As a result, buying an apartment can be more complex than buying a freehold property.

A translator is also required to attend notary meetings in cases where one or more of the parties is not a Dutch citizen.In 2017 the estate agents association NVM reported a shortage of rental accommodation between the range of EUR 710 to 1,000 per month.However, it's important to note that the Dutch rental sector is restricted by rent-controls, which can limit how much a particularly property can be rented for. The Netherlands does not place any restrictions on the purchase of property by foreigners, whether resident or non-resident.As a member, you will be responsible for your share of that debt, so it is important to check into the status of the Mortgage advisers can help you determine your exact borrowing capacity, but for a quick approximate idea (which can even take your 30% ruling status into account), you can use an online mortgage calculator.

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Once you've found a property you wish to make an offer on and that's within your price range, the next step is to get an appraisal and, if required, a structural or building survey.

Accredited translators can be hard to find, so ensure you book in advance, even if your Dutch is excellent. Your mortgage ( will be arranged after the provisional sale contract is signed.

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