Handsome guy dating ugly girl

14-Sep-2020 05:54

Some of these men are legitimately attracted to what’s inside and unconcerned with what’s on the exterior.

Other men have a specific preference for women who are less conventionally attractive, either because of a personal proclivity for a “type” or an insecurity that requires them to feel like the “catch” in the couple.

We know and accept the “Aphrodite takes a mere mortal as consort” scenario because there are so many notable examples.

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It’s simply accepted that in sit-coms, male leads will almost always outkick their coverage in landing an on-screen girlfriend or wife. Most importantly, none of those very average joes had to be anyone but themselves to get the girl.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Some guys don't care about looks as much as personality. Maybe most women in his league were too high maintenance for his tastes. There's tons of reasons for mismatched (visually) couples. maybe he is a good person and it not about how she looks but its about how she treats him and how much of a good person she is. in my case, many men pass up a great woman because they want a barbie doll....