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Interested persons can find ample sources for that information.The footnotes, bibliography, maps, pictures, pioneer companies by name and dates for the 22-year period, and historic sites - about 2/3 of the book - have also been left out for space considerations. Kimball and the National Park Service for the availability of the following information.) THE MORMON TRAIL IN HISTORIC PERSPECTIVE THE PERPETUAL EMIGRATION FUND THE TRAIL EXPERIENCE IN MORMON HISTORY READING, INTERPRETING AND PROTECTING TRAIL RUTS POINTS OF DEPARTURE AND TIME PERIODS WAGONS, DRAFT ANIMALS, SPEED OF TRAVEL COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS OF ILLNESS, STRESS, PRIVACY, AND TRAVELING Funerals and burials Privacy for the purposes of elimination ROUTINE, RULES, DISCIPLINE, CONSTITUTIONS Discipline TRAIL LARDER WOMEN EMIGRANTS Tenth of emigrants died - most were women and children LITTLE EMIGRANTS, CHILDREN Pets Play INDIAN RELATIONS BLACKS ON THE TRAIL FOREIGN MORMON EMIGRANTS NON-MORMONS ON THE TRAIL WESTERN TRAVEL ACCOUNTS CONSULTED BY THE MORMONS WESTERN MAPS CONSULTED BY THE MORMONS WESTERN TRAVELERS CONSULTED BY THE MORMONS MORMONS AND THE ENVIRONMENT (Observations) COUNCIL BLUFFS GENERAL AREA MORMON CAMPS AND COMMUNITIES INDIAN RELATIONS THE MORMON BATTALION CAMPS WEST OF THE MISSOURI RIVER Cold Spring and Cutler's Park Winter Quarters MORMONS AND TRAIL-SIDE SERVICES WINTER QUARTERS ABANDONED PREPARATION ORGANIZATION SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS AND OBSERVATIONS STAGING GROUND 1847 TREK BEGINS THE TRAIL/DIVISIONS AND TOPOGRAPHY Part 1.Furthermore, during the trans-Missouri Mormon emigrant period (and generally along the route of the Mormon Trail) the Pony Express rose and fell, and the transcontinental telegraph line and the Union Pacific Railroad were completed.Stage freight and mail service to Salt Lake were inaugurated and federal wagon roads were surveyed and constructed.That same year, the Bidwell-Bartleson party also initiated the first significant emigrant movement into California.

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Most Mormons tend to emphasize that which is unique in their history.

This is an outgrowth of their theology, which teaches that they are a unique people, a Chosen People, a "peculiar people." They call themselves Latter-day Saints to both distinguish themselves from and identify themselves with the "Former-day Saints" of the New Testament, and to stress their difference from all other Christians of today.

In no way do Mormons stress their uniqueness more than in reference to their exodus, their move west between 18, from Illinois to what is now called Utah.

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About half continued on to Oregon, while the remainder blazed a dangerous route across desert and mountains into the lower San Joaquin Valley of what is now California.

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