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27-May-2020 05:56

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This means you’re squeezed both on your take home pay and your expenses.To put it all in perspective, I used to take home about 75% of my pay in Boston and here it’s only 65%.It’s often a quick way to figure out a lot of what a person values most as SF is a city with something for everyone.

I just looked up the building I moved into April 1, 2012 and as of January, 2013 the rent is up 0 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment.The cost of goods in my experience have been as high or higher as anywhere else in the country.I’ve solved much of this by moving to buying more online, which is a shame because that means not supporting local businesses. Taxes here are significantly higher than I’ve experienced anywhere.A lot of this is due to the fog that seems to roll in around then.

Pro Tip: Be prepared to always have layers with you.If you’re wondering why that is, this Pando Daily article does a good job explaining why.

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The two acts from each location that received the most votes from each location will progress to the next round of the competition.… continue reading »

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With that said, use discernment when people approach you.… continue reading »

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