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Everyone will enjoy this article presenting the astrological planets as the vowels and consonants of the celestial language of astrology. This accessible article discusses the place of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant in the birth-chart, along with explaining his use of the words "person" and "personality", closing with the key importance of the astrological houses and their role in person-centered astrology. Learn how to put the calendar to constructive use, read the e Book on Lunation Planning by Michael R.The article includes a brief sketch outlining the astrological significance of each planet. • One Is Never Too Old To Begin Again In this prophetic and highly engaging article from 1967, Dane Rudhyar presents the 84-year cycle of Uranus as a significant symbol for the life-cycle of contemporary men and women. ADDED 1 November 2004 • The Natal Houses - What Do They Represent? This four-part article is a short, popular version of some of the material which appeared in Rudhyar's 1946 book The Moon and Its Cycles - which was a precursor of sorts to Rudhyar's seminal 1967 book The Lunation Cycle. Saturn - The Value of Inconsistency In this article, as significant today as when it first appeared in 1960, Rudhyar states that when a nation or, as today, the whole of humanity, has been shaken up by a crisis of extreme gravity, certain kinds of psychological reactions - symbolized by Uranus and Saturn - are almost inevitable. Meyer a natural, organic time-management system based on the 29.5-day Lunation Cycle, the ever-changing cyclic relationship between the Sun and the Moon.ADDED 3 November 2004 • Astrology and the Kinsey Report, by Dane Rudhyar. In this article Rudhyar treats the circle of twelve houses as the space surrounding the new-born, and how, in astrology, the houses represent twelve basic areas of human experience. Your Lunation Birthday includes links to 41 online birth-charts which serve as examples of the 8 Lunation Types. Everyone, in their own way, naturally feels and performs better when they are attuned with its rhythm.If you’re using Cloud storage or don’t expect to save much media, up to 16 GB is ample.

If you want to watch films offline or carry a lot of music, look for a tablet with 32 GB and up.

Storage Like laptops and mobile phones, tablet storage is measured in gigabytes (GB).

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