Examples of intimidating behaviour

03-Aug-2020 02:20

To use if effectively you need to listen for critical comments, clarify your understanding of those criticisms, use the information if it will be helpful or ignore the information if it is manipulative.An example of this technique would be, "So you think/believe that I am not interested? Negative assertion: this technique lets you look more comfortably at negatives in your own behaviour or personality without feeling defensive or anxious, this also reduces your critics' hostility.

You can always bargain for your material goals unless the compromise affects your personal feelings of self-respect.Assertive communication is definately NOT a lifestyle!It's NOT a guarantee that you will get what you want.I've found that changing my response to others (be they work colleagues, clients or even my own family) can be exciting and stimulating.

There are many advantages of assertive communication, most notably these: There are, of course, disadvantages...To most effectively use this technique use calm repetition, and say what you want and stay focused on the issue.