Direct dating summit direct seduction gurus alan roger currie

15-Nov-2020 11:47

You run sick body game and are probably close to 6 feet tall.How can you 'coach' people to be good looking and jacked?Your story was almost believable until you wrote that shit. Nope, if I did it would have beenthe first thing i posted.So they are very good at making sure they don't get exposed (no contracts, no documents, no letters, not even an e-mail) but not revealing their scam in front of some random intern just somehow slipped their head. Yeah they have no problems verbalizing this shit(behind closed doors) to interns because they know even if we talk shit about them like i have that its all just speculation without any solid proof such as contracts documents letters etc....The real reason Squatting is in Vegas is on a recommendation from Alan Roger Currie.As well all know alan is a renowned piss hound on the gay underground fetish scene.

I've also seen plenty of RSD instructors get blown out.

Your story was almost believable until you wrote that shit. If dont you believe me it cool, i am just a random dude posting on a forum so the suspicion is understandable.