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28-May-2020 11:07

Dean is back and starts calling Alex his girlfriend.

Tired of lying to her best friend, she reveals magic to Harper by taking her into space on her birthday.

He later comes back and tells her it hurt too much. When he gets blamed for a prank she pulled on her brother, he finds out it was her and asks her where she's been all of his life.

Justin meets a girl, Isabella, online and meets up with her.

Their parents say they can't date, as their businesses are competing but once learning she's now the good child of the family, Justin's sister changes their parents' minds.

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He's, however, creeped out that she has become such good friends with his sister. Tipton, he falls for London Tipton who, as not the smartest, believes he's a doctor so agrees to date him.

When Gigi gets trapped, she gets back out and is convinced she hit her head.

She tells the school of Alex's crush on Dean and Alex admits what she does in her diary, but denies it was Dean who was the Prince in her drawings. She later asks him if he'll help fix an old car of her father's, which he agrees to do.

On the date, she tries to distract Dean so that he won't, but after he tells her he likes her too much, they kiss.

Alex promises she won't abandon him, but then runs off to help her brother. Alex later reveals she doesn't like how badly Dean expresses his feelings.

Justin's family find him and undo the spell to make him a wizard again.

The investigation is in its early stages and information will be provided as it is learned and deemed appropriate for release.… continue reading »

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She enjoys the fact that you’re not tainted and broken like many of the men her age. Older women have an extremely sensitive bullshit detector, so be 100% honest all of the time. If you want to have sex with her but don’t want to be her boyfriend, tell her. Believe me when I say your older woman is well aware of the age difference between you. If she brings it up, tell her your heart doesn’t care how old she is.… continue reading »

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Unlike that game, however, Kaleidoscope allows you to do other things like collect and sell mushrooms, as well as buy gifts for your date.… continue reading »

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He shocked and inspired the world by his sudden body transformation naturally.… continue reading »

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John Cameron attempts to connect the dots on the murder of Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia and a very young Ed Edwards.… continue reading »

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