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With the rise of online hookups comes the rise of clean bachelor pads: according to a study conducted by Gentlemen’s Quarterly Magazine, 6 of every 10 sexual encounters that are a result of meeting online are hosted at the male partner’s house.

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If XXX was the owner then there should have been a conveyance when part was sold to you.

I note that you refer to 'a receipt' for the monies given but you do not mention any deeds and you are not sure if the sale of part was actually registered.

If you don't find the deeds then you could try reconstitution of the title (see link below for guidance) this isn't easy and they may only give you a possessory title if you don't have the evidence they need.

https://uk/government/publications/first-registration-of-title-where-deeds-have-been-lost-or-destroyed/practice-guide-2-first-registration-of-title-if-deeds-are-lost-or-destroyed I note that you originally asked about adverse possession.


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I know loads of towns are picking up on this idea, so it's worth looking out for if you're part of Pure is for when you're looking for an after-dark adventure, not a relationship.

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