Dating since high school

29-Oct-2020 14:02

Kids shouldn’t just not just be able to have relationships in High School, but also in College.The idea of relationships in society should be banned.As to how they are dealing with their schedules, Salvador said: “May cellphone naman po, text text na lang, bisibisita. Basta masugid, push.” Salvador’s last public relationship was with actor Gerald Anderson.

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Anyways, we see all the people around us going out every weekend, getting intoxicated and bringing someone home and it honestly just seems fun to meet up and seduce a total stranger, and then explore their body, similar to what we first felt when we hooked up.

It is in this rigged system that society runs backwards; equal opportunity does no exist.

Relationships are just like war, and like war, it will always continue to exist.

It turns out that we are each others' first everything (kiss, oral, PIV sex).

We went to the same state school and we stayed together, solidifying our relationship.

It's okay to be tempted, even to fantasize, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.