Dating scammer nataliya savchenko

17-Sep-2020 10:49

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Also, the same set of photos may be used under different names.

First reported: Sean Details: Initiates contact through personals sites. So not being completely stupid, and slightly hesitant, I got her to send me a picture of her with something written on it like "I love you", so I know it was definitely her pictures that she had been sending me.

I also looked on all the Russian black list dating scam websites, and did not find anything that matched any details she had given me. I had also email the travel agent she was using to find out more details.

First reported: Lost Dog Second reported: Charles Phone: no phone Address: 46 ORDJONIKIDZE STR, Tyumen, Russia Details: Initiates the contact herself through popular online personals in response to your ad.

Informs that she can obtain visa to your country with the help of "her friend" who works in travel agency, then asks for money for tickets, then for insurance.

So I spoke to the Australian embassy in Russia and was told there was no record of her applying for a visa.