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Roy Moore understands the doctrines of the lesser magistrate, nullification, and the preeminence of peer-jury rule with the same passion that both informed the hearts and forged the resolve of so many of our founding fathers.Indeed, it is one of the great ironies of our time that Patrick Henry’s famous 1775 “Give me liberty!Of course, this is seen as nothing more than a “circling of the wagons” by the cognoscenti currently presiding over the realms of government, entertainment and journalism; people who embrace “by any means necessary” as the first rule in the art of war. Committed Christians—the millions of us clinging to our “God and guns,” as Obama put it—would not stand with their own mother if they were convinced she was guilty of a crime or a serious moral failure.Finally, this past week, twelve local women who have known Judge Moore for periods of ten to forty years put their necks onto Robespierre’s chopping block in order to testify to the kindness and respect he has always shown them.Nothing sexual, beyond one substantiated kiss, was involved.(More on this one true allegation that is being used to excoriate Moore in a moment.)That this witless whack-job passed muster as a serious Op-Ed in a major newspaper illustrates just how low Moore’s opposition will stoop.

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In closing, let me tell you why the City of Man and the realms of Abaddon are out to destroy Roy Moore. And it for this that demons in hell want to see him neutralized.

Even as I write this, my head is threatening to explode.