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"It got its name from a serial killer several years back, and since then there's been several other people who've been murdered there," said Brenda Condon, president, Cal Advocates for the Missing.But no case has been as baffling and disturbing as that of the so-called "Humboldt Missing Five." Five young women who have all mysteriously vanished in Humboldt County over the past two decades, leaving police without a clue to what happened to them.DOMESTIC VIOLENCE may occur in many forms between two people in an intimate relationship.Physical violence includes kicking, punching, shoving, slapping or any action that hurts your body.Police hadn't been able to find a clue to what happened to any of them since all of these young girls began going missing back in the 1990s.After the first two young women disappeared -- Jennifer Wilmer and Karen Mitchell, both 16 -- cops thought a serial killer might be on the loose.Humboldt County, California contains quaint little country towns dotting lush, green valleys fed with rain and sunshine that nourish precious multimillion-dollar crops."We're known throughout the country for our marijuana," said Fortuna Police Officer Brian Taylor.

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"At this point he's a person of interest, but there's not enough at this point to say yes, he is our primary suspect," said Officer Taylor.

The area is called the "Emerald Triangle," the epicenter of the American pot industry, encompassing Humboldt, Trinity and Mendocino counties, a few hundred miles north of San Francisco.

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