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The Romans were famous for their baths, and they brought them even into Gaul and Britain.

While Roman manors often had their own smaller private bath-houses, the Roman public generally frequented relatively inexpensive public baths.

To meet this latter requirement, the rabbis permitted the use of an otter, a pool of living water that was connected by a plugged pipe to the main immersion pool.

The main pool could be filled with drawn water (not qualified for use in ritual immersion), and when needed, the pipe between the otter and the main pool was unplugged, allowing the qualified, living water from the otter to come into contact with the water in the main pool, rendering it fit for immersions."(p.

And, most significant for our purposes, the water must be "living" water.

That is, it must come directly from a river or a spring or from rainwater that flows into the pool; it may not be drawn.

Changing our terms of trade to hit manufacturing communities across the North and Midlands hard is not a responsible way for Parliamentarians to behave and it is deeply unfair to those whose local manufacturing jobs would be hit.

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First, it is still the only way to get the frictionless border for trade that the Government has rightly promised.But as the Northern Ireland Committee concluded last month, there are no technical solutions, anywhere in the world, “beyond the aspirational”, that would remove the need for physical infrastructure at the border.