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16-Jun-2020 03:39

The main faiths are Confucianism, Daoism (or Taoism) and Buddhism.

So how did Islam come to reach China and what are the conditions of the Muslims there now?

As thousands of Arab traders settled in South China, these exchanges became more and more regular.

An account from Abu Zeid Hassan in the 9th century describes boats laden with cargo from Oman heading for China from Basra and Siraf.

They are nowadays called Hui Hui …” Canton (Guangzhou) became one of the first Muslim settlements in China as successive delegations visited through this city and were well received.

The interest of the Chinese was more to do with trade opportunities than spirituality, and many of the early Muslims settled and married local women which helped to foster closer ties.

Being a Communist country, religion was actively discouraged for decades, and even now, is tolerated within limits.

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His tomb is venerated by Chinese Muslims to this day.