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11-Sep-2020 06:10

Since then, Technowireless has amassed a stellar reputation based on their ability to cater to companies of all sizes and backed with well thought out strategies.

Client feedback and satisfaction levels are very high, with clients highlighting their ability to offer all sorts of services under the digital umbrella.

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Where: Downtown Contact: 201210574331, Website, Facebook Don’t be put off by their strange name, Kijamii are a bunch of social media pros.The agencies were selected based on their proven ability to identify effective social media strategies, develop comprehensive social media campaigns, and execute the campaign to achieve desired goals.Various factors are considered when evaluating these agencies, including client reviews, past experience, pricing, market presence, and focus on social media marketing.A feature on Cairo Scene doesn’t sound half bad considering the site’s traffic and how much good it does for your search engine visibility.

But sadly, smaller clients feel prices are too high and their social media pages get rather quite after a few months.In fact, each client we spoke to was from a different industry which happens to show how capable they are.