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28-Sep-2020 05:06

I cannot speak highly enough about what they did here with “The List” and its addressing of not only sexual harassment, but consent and what both can look like.It was an obvious nod to the “Me Too”/”Time’s Up” movement, which has opened up dialogue about the detrimental effects that harassment can have on its targets, most of whom are women.When the intern looks up from her phone, she tells the woman that she would like to purchase a gun.

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Jake asks if she wants B613 to dig up some dirt, and Mellie tells him that she does not, that “threatening people creates resentment”.

She pleads with Abby for her help on this, and after a moment’s consideration, Abby says that she will see what she can do.

She adds that if Olivia’s theory proves to be true, then it will be the team who decides if the cause is worth pursuing.

A few things of note: Olivia again repeats that she has come to another that she has wronged, not for forgiveness, but for help.

The first time she makes this statement is to Fitz when she first approached him for assistance with the class action case (712).

At the mention of the Vice President’s name, Jake’s facial expression is one of disapproval.

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