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03-Mar-2020 14:01

"When girls talk to me about kissing each other at parties, it's invariably in the context of boys chanting "Kiss, kiss!

" says Sabrina Weill, former editor in chief of Seventeen and author of "The Real Truth About Teens and Sex." "There's no formal research that asks girls whether it's happening more now.

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They pecked on the lips, but the guys kept egging them on, so they ended up French-kissing.' They were like, ' Oh yeah, you've never done that before?'" She hadn't -- but a year later, she joined the club. Then she adds, "And the kissing itself didn't really bug me.Then she and a female friend showed up at a party without the cover charge, and she suddenly realized that girl-on-girl action could be a form of currency. In ninth grade, she says, at a party where the beer was scarce, two of her friends made out with each other for a beer.

"The guys were cheering it on and encouraging it," she says.Girls with sweetest pussies will do their best for you!