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What am I supposed to tell them when they start to see? Oh god, and what will they think when they find out it's Derren's baby! A tight knot, planted there by Derren hardly two months ago.But the long shower afterwards could only wash away her tears, not her guilt. not like this..." She bowed her head, letting her long dirty-blond hair drape down to hide her face from the steam.No way this scholastic star would actually be slutty enough to get knocked up, even when that wide-grinning girl took her diploma with one hand stroking her tummy. The way Sandy seemed not to care and even flaunt her pregnancy stuck fast in Ashley's mind. Back at home, the blond stared blankly at her half-filled suitcase. "Oh, be sure to give me a pleasant surprise when I get there too, Ashley!" "Don't worry Mom," Ashley admitted, "I'll remember to show you one." College Temptations "Ahhh, road trip!

" "Well..." Ashley had passed out sometime between the third and fourth time Derren took her that night. If all went well, her family would never even know she had a baby, let alone one a black one. And the thought of her best friend as a slut for black men..."Still in me," Ashley moaned and peered at Derren's thick, clinging cum. Though her t-shirts no longer reached the hem of her tightening pants, the draping gown hid that from her beaming parents and the flashing cameras. " Ashley's spine froze as her mother gingerly stepped into her room, "You're father and I have been noticing that you've been a little... She'd never hidden something so important like this before, and she'd always been able to talk to her Mom about her boyfriends, even what they did in their cars. Her normally bright eyes searched for her daughter's. so we could get used to being away from home before school started." Ashley's conscience twinged. If anyone could understand and support her, it would be her mother.Ashley smiled as she glided across the stage, hunching just so and accepting her diploma in a trembling hand. She knew her sterling reputation made that little bulge in the silky fabric just the trick of a misfitted gown. Ashley jumped and looked over her shoulder, instinctively keeping her back facing her mom. In her late thirties, Lynn Anders was old enough to know all the tricks, and young enough to enjoy them all. Slowly Ashley turned to her mother, her fingers firmly clenching her shirt. Ashley smiled and lifted another shirt into her suitcase when her mom peeked in one last time." "I thought we were living in the dorms, like you said to your parents." "Pfft, the dorms. Or maybe you won't if you don't get up here and get dressed!

Like they expect us to pay thousands of dollars to live like sardines. sometimes ..." "Yeah yeah, I get it Sandy..." Ashley smoothed her shirt, "But seriously, they don't allow freshmen to be off-campus. " "Ehh, that's a surprise, Ashley," Sandy laughed but quickly added, "But I'm telling you Ashley, this place will drive you ! " Sandy threw what she chose for Ashley, and the thin fabric fluttered down and landed at Ashley's feet. " she grinned, "Give the boys something to stare at!Now Ashley had it too, not because of marriage or love, but because she went bareback at a party with a stranger. The warm water beat down between her shoulder blades as she slumped against the shower wall. That same twinge of excitement and ember of lust that roared last night still cut through the anxiety and guilt like a hot knife. Ashley realized she had been touching herself as last night played out in her mind. The loose fabric hid all as she stepped on stage, and did more than enough to hide her developing womb. I've just been busy with college plans, that's all." "Are you sure? You've never worried this much about school before." Ashley stiffly folded her thin shirts. She dropped the shirt into the suitcase and touched her sweatshirt. Remember you could stay for the summer like we originally planned. Ashley's mother gave her a hug and left with a little skip, leaving Ashley in her room to finish packing.

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