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Adamo saddles might be a good place to look for a super-giant cutout. spid=59723 There are quite a few different versions of the SMP.

I'd also look for something with either very little padding or very firm padding, to avoid chafing and prevent excess padding from bulging out into areas where you don't want contact. Men's, women's, different widths and materials at different prices. There are many of the Specialized too, but the two I listed are very minimal and comfortable for me.

I have few over here in Philippines and the most common one are set for single phase only but I do not know if they have three phase option for it but I doubt it.

the other issue is they are kinda restricted to smaller generators something like 10 maybe 15 Kw the most. That is true here also; it may be different with other utilities.

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Why not let fans share them for free on a site such as this one instead of resorting to purchasing them on auction sites and elsewhere?

I started riding when I was dating my hubby 16 yrs. I think my bike hubby is a carrier, he had bad shingles once. I bought a new Trek Madone so I have been riding with the Bontrager WSD saddle that came on the bike. The cutout for the Lady Gel flow is more narrow and shorter - and perfect for me.

Some people find that they don't need chamois cream, but I am convinced that it aids in my comfort on long days in the saddle. For me, it helps with chafing and other irritation issues that often occur on longer rides. I apply it directly to my skin and also to "key" areas on my chamois padding. I just learned how to ride a little more than a year ago - and I didn't need chamois cream at first.

Some people find that they don't need chamois cream, but I am convinced that it aids in my comfort on long days in the saddle. Indeed I assumed I was one of those who wouldn't need it - until my mileage started getting over 25 miles.I love the Maddie, the saddle is good in the back, but chafes the front where I have the problem. What about the Selle SLR Lady Gel Flow, the Selle Glider or SLK? I suspect that it would not work for you in a breakout.

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