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10-May-2020 22:38

Nightclub and hotel entrepreneur Sam Nazarian, 30, is financing and producing films through his L. His production company Element Films has produced five films so far and anticipates producing up to a dozen a year, each budgeted at less than million, according to the Internet Movie Database Web site.

Young Iranian Jews also have been writing and directing independent features.

Yari made his fortune in real-estate development, but he’s no novice when it comes to Hollywood: After receiving a degree in cinematography, he directed the 1989 film “Mind Games” for MGM.

The litigation involved in the film and its lack of success drove Yari away from the industry until four years ago, when he began producing.

In the meantime, Haim’s production company, Screen Magic Entertainment, recently completed shooting the independent film “When A Man Falls In The Forest,” starring Sharon Stone and Timothy Hutton.“I don’t want to necessarily fuel any type of stereotype.” Ahdout made his acting debut three years ago in the acclaimed film “House of Sand and Fog,” alongside Oscar-winners Jennifer Connelly and Sir Ben Kingsley, a film about an Iranian family in the United States.New Yorker Dan Ahdoot is another Iranian Jewish entertainer who defied his community’s traditions.He’s currently touring the country doing his routine at various colleges and universities. After my TV appearances I’ve received e-mails from other Iranian Jews saying ‘I’m a lawyer or a doctor and I don’t want to do this anymore,’ ” said Ahdoot, 27.

Ahdoot said many Iranian Jewish families push their children toward higher education and conventional careers rather than entertainment.Six years ago, Ahdoot almost entered medical school, but — to his family’s chagrin — decided to take a shot at comedy first.